Tuesday, January 28, 2020


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Romain Gavras: LE MONDE EST A TOI

LE MONDE EST A TOI is the latest film by Romain Gavras, one of our all time favorite directors. The film debuted in theaters...

What Will You Do with Your Wealth?

Everybody is obsessed with getting money, but there is a serious question to consider: What will you do with your wealth? Lebron James is hailed...

Miami-Dade: Afro-Latinos Face Harsh Reality

In Miami-Dade county Afro-Latinos face the harsh reality of more severe consequences in the criminal justice system. A recent study by the University of...

This is (Insert Country)

Childish Gambino inspired audiences across America with his music video "This is America." He  also inspired other countries around the world to make variations of...

Puerto Rico: 525 Years of Colonial Status

Since the Spanish arrived in Puerto Rico in 1493 (525 years ago), the island has only known conquest and colonial status. In a recent...

Jay-Z: The Criminal Justice System Stalks Black People

This month Meek Mill was sentenced to two to four years in prison for violating his probation. #FreeMeek hashtags have sprung up, and hundreds of his...

This is America.

There are no words to explain this video, aside from: THIS IS AMERICA. Watch the video and let it sink in.

Albert Einstein, Civil Rights Activist

As we celebrate Black History, let us also remember of the great advocates and other civil rights activists we have had, including Albert Einstein. In...

Yasmeen Mjalli Started #NotYourHabibti before #MeToo

Not Your Habibti: BabyFist Palestine from Yasmeen Mjalli on Vimeo. Yasmeen Mjalli  started #NotYourHabibti before #MeToo to shine a light on sexual harassment in the...

Montpelier, Vermont: High School Raises Black Lives Matter Flag

MONTPELIER, Vt. (WCAX) A Vermont high school says it's making history. And it is doing it to kick off Black History month. Montpelier High School...


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