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The Come Up: Entrepreneur Life in Miami

The vision for The Come Up has always been to highlight start ups, creatives, and entrepreneurs in Miami & around the world. We used...
Vinyl Records Resurrection

Vinyl Records Resurrection

After decades of decline in sales of Vinyl records to competition with digital music sales, we are witnessing a resurgence in sales Vinyl records,...
Facebook headquarters entrance sign at 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, California.

Facebook Added a New Feature That Makes It Easier To Distinguish News Outlets Apart

Whether it's from CNN, The New York Times or BuzzFeed, they all have the same basic elements: Photo, headline, blurb and source. That can...

Nike: Advertising Campaigns & Sponsorships

Nike, with it's choice of advertising campaigns and sponsorships, will be remembered for being on the bright side of history. Although production and manufacturing...

Bitcoin with Higher Market Cap than IBM

Bitcoin has a higher market cap than IBM, which may surprise many, but as the cryptocurrency has experienced ups and downs, its finally on...

What Will You Do with Your Wealth?

Everybody is obsessed with getting money, but there is a serious question to consider: What will you do with your wealth? Lebron James is hailed...

The Economics of Irma

Aside from the downed trees and loss of power and Internet services the greatest impact of this storm has been an economic one. For most...


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