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What Will You Do with Your Wealth?

Everybody is obsessed with getting money, but there is a serious question to consider: What will you do with your wealth? Lebron James is hailed...

The Come Up: Entrepreneur Life in Miami

The vision for The Come Up has always been to highlight start ups, creatives, and entrepreneurs in Miami & around the world. We used...
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Sharebait: Don’t Read, Just Share

Recent studies have shown that the majority of people are more likely to share an article without ever reading it. This is in part...

Albert Einstein, Civil Rights Activist

As we celebrate Black History, let us also remember of the great advocates and other civil rights activists we have had, including Albert Einstein. In...

Cool Summer: G.O.O.D Music Anthology

The Cool Summer: G.O.O.D Music Anthology is a vibe that you can just let ride and play on repeat. Zeferiah pieces together some our...
Vinyl Records Resurrection

Vinyl Records Resurrection

After decades of decline in sales of Vinyl records to competition with digital music sales, we are witnessing a resurgence in sales Vinyl records,...


RICHPORTCOLLECTIVE OPENING RECEPTION DECEMBER 4, 2017 Butter Gallery presents a group exhibition of Puerto Rico based artists titled The Rich Port Collective. The discourse of this exhibit,...

This is America.

There are no words to explain this video, aside from: THIS IS AMERICA. Watch the video and let it sink in.

Puerto Rico: 525 Years of Colonial Status

Since the Spanish arrived in Puerto Rico in 1493 (525 years ago), the island has only known conquest and colonial status. In a recent...
Dear White People Cast

Dear White People Takeaways

Here's what you need to know about Dear White People on Netflix: Dear White People is not about white people.  Netflix’s adaptation of Justin...


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