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What Will You Do with Your Wealth?


Everybody is obsessed with getting money, but there is a serious question to consider: What will you do with your wealth?

Lebron James is hailed as King James, and indeed the title is fitting. The Pro-athlete has ascended to king status throughout his career winning multiple NBA championships, first in Miami, and then returning to his home team to win rings there. Now he’s headed to LA, and we will see what King James has in store for the west coast.

Being from Miami, a lot of people were disappointed to see him go, but the consolation was that he had been a part of our city and culture long enough that wherever he would go next, would get a sense of Miami flavor, especially in his home town. Now he’s leaving home again to go west, likely the best decision for the man and his family, as they learn the expanse of American culture coast to coast.

Kudos to players who stay the course and play their whole career on one team in one city, but having left home, and lived around the country, I know how critical it is to set up shop in an unfamiliar place for personal growth and development.

The greatest example of what King James is capable of is expressed explicitly in this interview where he describes what helped make him great, and how he was capable of accomplishing what he has accomplished in his life because of the support of people around him. This new school concept, derived and developed by King James, and the people he keeps around him, offers student a place that is more of a home than a prison term. The idea that school, and the people you go to school with, from teachers, to students, to coaches, even to cooking staff are part of your family and support network is a defining difference from other charter, magnet, public, and private schools.

Only time will be able to judge the performance of the school, but after hearing King James out in this interview, we have high hopes for the future of the education system. Anybody who say athletes need to focus on being athletes, or artists need to focus on being artists, is a hater, and would only want to see the continued suppression of oppressed communities.

So it goes, what will you do with your wealth? How will you help contribute to society? If you care not for making a difference, then you are a part of the problem we face in our culture and society.


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